Василий Махнович

Mahnovich Vasiliy Sergeevich


Date of birth: January 12, 1976, Russia, Chelyabinsk.




1992 - 1995 - Abramtsev Arts and CraftsCollege named

                      after Vasnetsov M.V.

                      Specialization: “calker- printmaker-jeweler”.

1996 - 2003 - St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting,

                       Sculpture and Architecture named

                       after Repin I.E. (full-time).

                       Course/specialization: painting.

                       Conferred qualification: ARTIST.



Educational achievements

1996 - 2003 - Review-exhibitions in St. Petersburg State

                      Academic Institute of Painting,

                      Sculpture and Architecture named after Repin I. E.;

2001 - 2003 - participation in the Union of Artists Exhibitions,

                      St. Petersburg;

2003            - participation in the Diploma Exhibition,

                      Central exhibition hall, St. Petersburg;

2006            - Catalog publishing: Mahnovich Vasiliy

                      “Painting. Graphics. 1993-2005”, Chelyabinsk

2007            - one-man exhibition “Painting. Graphics”,

                      “Kamennii poyas” gallery, Chelyabinsk

2008            - entering into "World's academy of arts "New era".

                      Catalog publishing: World’s academy of arts “New era”.



 Work experience

2003          - till present time - artistic wall painting

                    (in interior and on frontage), artistic ceiling painting:

                 - “Lanselot”, “Fort-Ross” restaurants, St. Petersburg;

                 - offices, private houses, swimming-pools, St. Petersburg,

                   Sestroretsk, Balashiha, Fryazino,

                   Hot’kovo (Moscow region), Chelyabinsk;

1996         - till  present time - carrying out orders from individuals

                    and organizations concerning creating of paintings on

                    canvas and paper:

                    complex compositions, landscapes, portraits, graphics

                    (various art techniques - oil, acryl, tempera,

                    mixed graphical techniques and methods);

2005          - consultant designer in "FRESH stroy" Ltd, Chelyabinsk;

2010          - till the present moment consultant designer in

                    "Engineering Centre" Ltd., Chelyabinsk